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Daily Vocab Capsule 24th November 2017

Daily English Vocab

1. Preponderance (noun): (The quality or fact of being greater in number, quantity, or importance.)  (प्रमुखता/प्रधानता/प्रचुरता)
Synonyms: Prevalence, Bulk, Extensiveness, Superiority.
Antonyms: Inferiority, Subordination, Subservience.
Verb forms: Preponderate, Preponderated, Preponderated.
Related words:
Preponderate (verb) – प्रबल होना
2. Flamboyant (adjective): (Full of energy / bright, colourful, and very noticeable) (उज्ज्वल)
Synonyms: Vibrant, Vivid, Orient, Splendent.
Antonyms: Dull, Restrained.
Related words:
Origin: from French flambe ‘a flame’.
3. Fillip (noun): (Something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.) (प्रोत्साहन)
Synonyms: Stimulus, Boost, Encouragement, Incitement, Incentive, Impetus, Motivation
Antonyms: Discouragement, Deterrent
Verb forms: Fillip, Filliped, Filliped
Related words:
Fillip (verb) - प्रोत्साहित करना
4. Cauldron (noun): (A situation characterized by instability and strong emotions.)  (अस्थायित्व/अस्थिरता)
Synonyms: Uncertainty, Unpredictability, Precariousness, Unsteadiness, Vulnerability.
Antonyms: Soundness, Stability, Steadfastness.
5. Profuse (adjective): (Especially of something offered or discharged) very plentiful; abundant. (प्राचुर्य)
Synonyms: Copious, Prolific, Abundant, Ample, Fulsome.
Antonyms: Lacking, Sparse, Wanting.
Related words:
Profusely (adverb) - प्रचुरतापूर्वक
6. Accolade (noun): (An expression of praise or admiration/ an award or privilege granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgement of merit.) (सराहना/पुरस्कार) 
Synonyms: Commendation, Acclaim, Applause, Ovation, Acclamation, Approbation, Praise.
Antonyms: Condemnation, Disrespect.
7. Prudent (adjective):  Acting with or showing care and thought for the future. (बुद्धिमान/विवेकी)
Synonyms: Wise, Judicious, Sagacious, Shrewd. Discreet
Antonyms: Careless, Foolish, Incautious, Indiscreet, Imprudent
Related words:
Prudence (noun) – बुद्धिमानी
8. Abjure (verb): (Solemnly renounce (a belief, cause, or claim).) (त्यागना/छोड़ना)
Synonyms: Renounce, Relinquish, Disavow, Disclaim, Forswear
Antonyms: Assert, Avow, Claim
Verb forms: Abjure, Abjured, Abjured
Origin: from Latin abjurare, from ab- ‘away’ + jurare ‘swear’.
9. Walk the tight rope (idiom): (Take or be on a very precarious course) (सावधान होना)
Synonyms:  To be cautious, To be wary, Be very scrupulous, Be very careful.
Antonyms: To be careless, To be imprudent.
10. Buttress (verb): (Increase the strength of or justification for) (मज़बूत बनाना)
Synonyms: Strengthen, Reinforce, Fortify, Support, Prop Up, Bolster Up
Antonyms: Curtail, Destroy, Diminish, ruin
Verb forms: Buttress, Buttressed, Buttressed
Related words:
Buttress (noun) - Something that gives support; brick or stone structure built against another structure to support it