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ICE Rajkot Current Affairs Monthly PDF

All about ICE RAJKOT. Get the all latest current affairs and download the PDF.

ICE Rajkot Academy Current Affairs

Are You checking out ICE Rajkot Current Affairs Monthly PDF? Here We’ve Uploaded Current affairs All topic wise Notes PDF.

ICE  Rajkot Academy Current Affairs May 2019 

Institute for Competitive Exam established on 18-07-2010 is set in Rajkot town of Saurashtra Region of Gujarat State. This Institute Provides Master coaching to the Students of Gujarat of connected Competitive Courses (Gujarat Govt. and Central Govt.) like GPSC Class-2, UPSC, Bank PO, employees choice, Bank Clerk, FCI, Railway, PSI, GSSSB, TET/TAT and every one variety of Competitive exams.

ICE Rajkot Academy Current Affairs Monthly 2018

ICE Magic Publish current affairs each week, we tend to area unit giving a link to transfer PDF file of current affairs of date -01-10-2017. Visit every day to www.gujgovtjob.com for the newest updates. We tend to often print study materials in our PDF section. Also, we tend to area unit guiding toward the brilliant path.

ICE Rajkot Academy Current Affairs Pdf

ICE Rajkot - ICE Magic - Current Affairs Monthly PDF
If Students area unit Finding It exhausting in checking out ICE Rajkot current Affairs PDF, Notes OR Materials In on-line Then GujGovtJob.com is that the Right Place As we've got All the ICE Rajkot current Affairs within the Gujarati Language of Notes from in Single Post. We tend to conjointly give All Books during an easy and straightforward manner. We’ve got Created This Section of Polity by Keeping in Mind the connection Of This Subject in Various Competitive Exams. GPSC Exam, GSSSB Exam, UPSC Exams, Bank Exam, SSC Exams, GPSSB EXAM, Railway Exams, And different Such Competitive Exams.

Download ICE Rajkot Academy Current Affairs Monthly PDF 2018


ICE Magic April 2019 PDF Download

29-04-19ICE MAGIC-17 [21/04/19 TO 27/04/19]Download
22-04-19ICE MAGIC-16 [14/04/19 to 20/04/19]Download
15-04-19ICE MAGIC-15 [07/04/19 TO 13/04/19]Download

ICE Magic March 2019 PDF Download

08-04-19ICE MAGIC-14 [31/03/19 TO 06/04/19]Download
01-04-19ICE MAGIC-13 [24/03/19 TO 30/03/19]Download
25-03-19ICE MAGIC-12 [17/03/19 TO 23/03/19]Download
18-03-19ICE MAGIC-11 [10/03/19 TO 16/03/19]Download
12-03-19ICE MAGIC-10 [03/03/19 TO 09/03/19]Download

ICE Magic February 2019 PDF Download

06-03-19ICE MAGIC-09 [24/02/19 TO 02/03/19]Download
01-03-19SPECIAL ISSUE - BUDGET 2019Download
25-02-19ICE MAGIC-08 [17/02/19 TO 23/02/19]Download
18-02-19ICE MAGIC-07 [10/02/19 TO 16/02/19]Download
11-02-19ICE MAGIC-06 [03/02/19 TO 09/02/19]Download

ICE Magic January 2019 PDF Download

04-02-19ICE MAGIC-05 [27/01/19 TO 02/02/19]Download
28-01-19ICE MAGIC-04 [20/01/19 TO 26/01/19]Download
21-01-19ICE MAGIC-03 [13/01/19 TO 19/01/19]Download
15-01-19ICE MAGIC -02 [06/01/19 TO 12/01/19]Download
09-01-19ICE MAGIC-01 [01/01/19 TO 05/01/19]Download
02-01-19ICE MAGIC-52 (23-12-18 TO 31-12-18)Download
25-12-18ICE MAGIC-51 (16-12-18 TO 22-12-18)Download
17-12-18ICE MAGIC-50 (09-12-18 TO 15-12-18)Download
17-12-18DEMO COPY-જાહેર વહીવટ-બિનસચિવાલય ક્લાર્ક 2018Download
10-12-18ICE MAGIC-49 (02-12-18 TO 08-12-18)Download
03-12-18ICE MAGIC-48 (25-11-18 TO 01-12-18)Download
27-11-18ICE MAGIC-47 (18-11-18 to 24-11-18)Download
20-11-18ICE MAGIC-46 (11-11-18 to 17-11-18)Download
14-11-18ICE MAGIC-45 (04-11-18 to 10-11-18)Download
04-11-18ICE MAGIC-44 (28-10-18 to 03-11-18)Download
29-10-18ICE MAGIC-43 (21-10-18 to 27-10-18)Download
23-10-18ICE MAGIC-42 (14-10-18 to 20-10-18)Download
16-10-18ICE MAGIC-41 (07-10-18 to 13-10-18)Download
09-10-18ICE MAGIC-40 (30-09-18 to 06-10-18)Download
01-10-18ICE MAGIC-39 (23-09-18 to 29-09-18)Download
24-09-18ICE MAGIC-38 (16-09-18 to 22-09-18)Download
19-09-18ICE MAGIC-37 (09-09-18 to 15-09-18)Download
14-09-18ICE MAGIC-36 (02-09-18 to 08-09-18)Download
07-09-18ICE MAGIC-35 (26-08-18 to 01-09-18)Download
25-08-18ICE MAGIC-34 (19-08-18 to 25-08-18)Download
20-08-18ICE MAGIC-33 (12-08-18 to 18-08-18)Download
15-08-18ICE MAGIC-32 (05-08-18 to 11-08-18)Download
06-08-18ICE MAGIC-31 (29-07-18 to 04-08-18)Download
31-07-18ICE MAGIC-30 (22-07-18 to 28-07-18)Download
23-07-18ICE MAGIC-28 (15-07-18 to 21-07-18)Download
10-07-18ICE MAGIC-27 (01-07-18 to 07-07-18)Download
03-07-18ICE MAGIC-26 (24-06-18 to 30-06-18)Download
26-06-18ICE MAGIC-25 (17-06-18 to 23-06-18)Download
19-06-18ICE MAGIC-24 (10-06-18 to 16-06-18)Download
11-06-18ICE MAGIC-23 (03-06-18 to 09-06-18)Download
05-06-18ICE MAGIC-22 (27-05-18 to 02-06-18)Download
28-05-18ICE MAGIC-21 (20-05-18 to 26-05-18)Download
21-05-18ICE MAGIC-20 (13-05-18 to 19-05-18)Download
14-05-18ICE MAGIC-19 (06-05-18 to 12-05-18)Download
07-05-18ICE MAGIC-18 (28-05-18 to 05-05-18)Download
28-04-18ICE MAGIC-17 (22-04-18 to 28-04-18)Download
24-04-18ICE MAGIC-16 (15-04-18 to 21-04-18)Download
16-04-18ICE MAGIC-15(08-04-18 to 14-04-18) Download
09-04-18ICE MAGIC-14 (04-04-18 to 07-04-18)Download
02-04-18ICE MAGIC-13 (25-03-18 to 31-03-18)Download
24-03-18ICE MAGIC-12 (18-03-18 to 24-03-18)Download
18-03-18ICE MAGIC-11 (11-03-18 to 17-03-18)Download
13-03-18ICE MAGIC-10 (04-03-18 to 10-03-18)Download
06-03-18  ICE MAGIC-09 (25-02-18 to 03-03-18)Download
26-02-18  ICE MAGIC-08 (18-02-18 to 24-02-18)Download
19-02-18  ICE MAGIC-07 (11-02-18 to 17-02-18)Download
12-02-18ICE MAGIC-06 (04-02-18 to 10-02-18)Download
06-02-18ICE MAGIC-05 (28-01-18 to 03-02-18)Download
30-01-18ICE MAGIC-04 (21-01-18 to 27-01-18)Download
22-01-18ICE MAGIC-03 (14-01-18 to 20-01-18)Download
15-01-18ICE MAGIC-02 (07-01-18 to 13-01-18)Download
08-01-18ICE MAGIC-01 (01-01-18 to 06-01-18)Download
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