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gujarat ni bhugol pdf in gujarati - ગુજરાત ની ભુગોળ પીડીએફ

The subjects of general knowledge come from different competitive exam candidates. This quiz has been prepared to make them well in preparation.

Gujarat is a state on the west coast of India. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, North and Isha in the west, Maharashtra, East Madhya Pradesh and the south by Maharashtra. Gujarat's climate is mostly dry. There are two desert areas in Kutch district of Gujarat, a small desert of Kutch and a big desert of Kutch. Gir Forest is famous for Saurashtra region of Gujarat, which is famous for the Asiatic lions. Gujarat has coastline of 1,600 km, which is the longest coastline of the first number in all the states of India. This coastline is composed of the Gulf of Kutch and the Gulf of Khambhat and other seas. Saputara is the only hill station of Gujarat.

Aravalli mountain ranges are located in the northern part of Gujarat. This mountain range of Arvalli enters Gujarat from Abu and falls in the Vindhya range of mountains near Pavagadh. The Taranga Mountains extend from Mehsana to Visnagar. The Arasur branch of the Aravalli mountain ranges from Danta, Khedbrahma, Idar and Shamlaji to Vindhyachal. Sahyadri mountain range passing through Tapi district has the highest rainfall area in the state, and moreover, it has the largest forests.
Girnar Mountain is the highest mountain in Gujarat, which is a part of the Barda Mountains whose height is 1145 meters and the length is 160 km. Its tallest peak is known as Gorakhnakh.
The Shetrunjaya mountain range near Palitana is one of the holy mountain ranges of Jains. The hill ranges are known for Buddhist caves. There are 3 mountain ranges in Kutch. The famous Black Mountain of Kutch is a part of the mountainous region between Kutch and Sindh. When the northern mountain range goes up to the Khadir and Pranjal and the southern side ranges from the beginning of the soil, Roha ends up.

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