Interesting facts about April Fool's Day

April 1st, April Fools Day, you know it by the name of Fool's Day, on this day, arguably you will be preparing your friends and close friends to make April fools but do you know why April Fool's Day is celebrated? And why is it known as Fool's Day and when it was started, read this post full. Let's know some interesting information about April Fool's Day. The

Interesting facts about April Fool's Day

So let us know some Interesting facts about April Fool's Day

If you talk about 1860, then there is a big interesting story of April Fool's Day, which is very famous, sent an invitation letter to thousands of people in London where it was said that the donkey bath would be done on the evening of April 1 in the Tower of London. It was not allowed to go to the Tower of London when all this was sent to the masses after reading the mantra. A lot of people gathered in the tower to see the tower LA that there was no organized it was just people were fooled
One such incident occurred on April 1, 1915, when a British pilot had thrown football at the airport for Germany, people thought it a bomb and started running around and became very nervous and kept hidden for a long time, If there was no explosion then people returned and saw that there was not a bomb there was a big football that was written on April Fool\

In London, many people were deported to the Tower of London on 1 April 1698 to see the washing of 'washing the lions' ie the lion, as such there was no such event and people were left out Made

In Europe, on the 1st of April, every owner played the role of a servant and used to make the boss as a servant. The servant had to fulfil his every order

On April 1, in France, there was a unique procession in Naramedi, in which a horse was placed in the carriage and the whole city was rotated so that people could laugh after seeing it and then singing dancing

In Denmark, May 1 is known as 'Maj-kat', which means 'May-Cat' and historically is similar to April Fools 'Day, although Danish people also celebrate April Fools' Day.

Some true facts of April 1 that were considered fun

In the year 2005, there was an incident on April 1 that people thought of the April fool's joke was that the famous American standup comedian Mitch Hedgurge was found dead on March 30, 2005 in the hotel room of New Jersey, and his information was given to the people. But people thought it a joke while one was true

Another such incident took place in Alaska where people were warned about the tsunami, but people thought it was a joke that on April 1, 1946 a very strong earthquake struck Alushon Ireland when authorities warned people of the earthquake and tsunami. Given the Alaskan people, it was a joke, but this warning was right, and Tsunami took the lives of many people, this tsunami was April Fool's in
Hawaii. Also known as Tsunami

The world's largest search engine company launched its email service Gmail on April 1, 2004, and people thought it a joke, while it was a reality and people are still using Gmail very well.
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