Let us know about GCERT and it's history?

Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is the state's main body which works to increase the quality of education in primary and secondary schools.

Prior to 1988, it was known as 'State Institute of Education'. In 1988, according to the resolution of the education department in the state, it was converted to SCERT. The SCERT is now GCERT. It is a state-level full-fledged educational institution and is managed by the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee.

In 1997, GCERT was transported from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar. State Education Department has allocated separate land for the GCERT in Sector-12. Thus, since 21st August 2005, the newly built building in GCERT Sector-12 is operational in Vidyabhavan. Where innovative structural facilities and advanced equipment are available.


Now under the umbrella of GCERT, 27 DIET District Education and Training Bhavan (District Institute of Education and Training) is operating in 25 districts. These organizations have to provide primary and secondary education to state primary teachers before and after service. These organizations have seven branches. Such as

  1. Pre-Service Teacher Education (PSTE)
  2. Work Experience (WE)
  3. District Resource Unit (DRU)
  4. Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE),
  5. Educational Technology (ET) in Service Field Interaction Innovation Coordination (IFIC) 
  6. Planning End Management (PM) is a qualified and experienced academic and managerial staff in this DIET.
GCERT is the flagship organization for applying state education policies, programs and research. It provides assistance and guidance to all teacher education organizations. GCERT works with the support of non-governmental organizations, subject experts, academicians and attempts to change the interval districts of the state. Primary education, education before and during service, spreading education in the nation, advanced trends and methods of education, and information. Keeping in view of new topics, as a medium of distance learning training, broad utilization, organizing social awareness programs and improving primary school curriculum. The state education department also seeks GCERT's advice. This council is committed to improving the quality of school education. Especially attempts to find suitable remedies for educational challenges in the field of primary education, in the field of development, learning material and evaluation methodology. GCERT has made a unique journey from Chowk to Saturn in a creative way and has been facing difficult challenges in the field of educational reform.

• Research Branch Grants
1) Guidance and Counseling Report: All the district education and training programs have been given grants.
2) Grants provided for the higher education of PhD.
3) MoU for Gujarat Hewitt's Profile (Gap-5) has been done, and it is given the first instalment of the first grants.
4) IIM for a research project of standard 5 to 7 process document. Work was done by Ahmedabad and the amount of grant was given.
5) All-District Education and Training Professionals and GCERT Research Fellows have been given grants for research work at the district level.
6) The meeting of the Statutory Research Advisory Committee was held in Gandhinagar. A workshop organized by GCERT Research Fellows of GCERT Gandhinagar has been organized in the district.
7) State Research Advisory Committee meeting was held in Gandhinagar.
8) PhD GCERT Gandhinagar has organized a workshop of the Bachelors of Education and Training Bhavans and a workshop of GCERT Research Fellows.
• Training Branch
1) 14-day teacher training phase- 1 for G.R.R.T. KRP, masters trainers have been prepared
2) Topics of standard 1 to 4: Gujarati, math, environment, yoga and physical education
3) Topics of standard 5 to 7: Gujarati, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, English, Hindi (Project Knowledge Learning Training)
4) Modules of all subjects from standard 1 to 7. for teacher training were made. Monitoring by CRC / BRC / Diet Lecturer for teacher training. All 7 for Trial (standard) of text 7 Monitoring and feedback of the experiential taluks of the district and about 9000 grammes (education) in the state were trained through diet and every mother kit was given.
5) Modules of all subjects from standard 1 to 7 were made for teacher training.
6) Monitoring by CRC / BRC / Diet Lecturer for Teacher Training
7) Monitoring and feedback of experimental taluks of all the districts for standard 7 (experiential) GCERT textbooks.
8) Grameen Module construction and about 9000 grammes (education) in the state were trained through diet and each was given academic kit.
• Science - Mathematical unit branch

Through science and mathematics, various activities are organized to make science and mathematics education relevant to the primary and secondary and secondary schools in the state of Gujarat Activities

1) Science-Math Exhibit
2) Science Park
3) The composition and function of the science-mathematics association
4) Teacher-training
5) Empowerment at the Colchester Level
6) Teleconference and video conferencing
7) CD-making
8) Echo Club

The first issue of the First Mail Satellite Satellite has been published in the context of the work done under the Mathematical Science Council by Kodinar taluka of Junagadh district. All the primary schools in Kodinar taluka are given free of cost. Congratulations on guiding and editorial team

• Science-Math Exhibit

Details of science-math exhibition during the year 2007
In the year 2007, during 21-27 December, four schools were selected from the state of Gujarat in the national level science exhibition organized at Pondicherry. In which V.D. Mayawanshi Vidyalaya Khandwa-Balasinor, Nadari Chandisana Pvt. School, Kalol, Gandhinagar, Virani Vidyamandir, Rajkot and Veraval Highschool, Veraval are included. V.D. Mayvanshi Vidyalaya has got a place in the Top-20 format. Whose work is named as a solar sprayer pump and a student of Nadari-Chandisana has achieved the first position in the poster spade held on the topic of global warming? Congratulations to the students and guide teachers of all four schools.

• Population-education branch

Scout-guide efficient
Under the guidance of the education department, 1000 taps have been developed in two districts of Kutch and Banaskantha primary schools of the state. Students will be trained in National Service, Discipline, Vocational, and Values. Through the formulation of the students, society can contribute to the development process. To carry out this purpose, the following activities are undertaken:

1) Scapout-guide to developer program implementation committee has been formed in every district.
2) At the district level, a one-day advocacy program was organized for the representative of the implementing organization and the information provided.

• Population-education and diploma education
Under the guidance of the State Government, since 1980 the population education program has been implemented with the financial assistance of NCERT, New Delhi. The following activities will be conducted under this program.

1) In the context of population and development, Vision-education will be organized on 11th July World population day-week celebrations for family conservation awareness in the future generation. Various co-curricular activities are organized in primary education, technical education and training institutions. One lakh more students join

2. In order to create awareness about the awareness of the people in the society and the spirit of the small family, various activities were undertaken to create quality and healthy citizens, in the state and district, an exhibition for public awareness about population-development, female feticide during science-math exhibition. Thousands of students are the beneficiaries of this exhibition.

3) World AIDS Day celebrations were organized by educational institutions for the awareness of HIV / AIDS, alcoholic beverages. Thousands of students joined this activity.

• Curriculum and Assessment Branch

Academic Inspection and Guidance of All PTC Organizations of the State by Diet
1) Reconstruction of PTC's program (First Second Year)
2) The final form of GCERT Textbooks of standard 7.
3) State level sports festival
          (1) Primary - For children and teachers
          (2) PTC - For trainees and chapters
          (3) CPA - For trainees and teachers
          (4) DP Ed - For the trainees and the authors

• Release section

1) GCERT releases twelve (12) digits in the year of life-period education. Currently, its 45,400 copies are released. These digits are sent to the state primary schools free of charge. 5 thousand (5000) copies are released in the month of May and November.
2) Other than education, other than education, literature is also published by the publication branch.
3) Special Structures
          (1) Tourism Issue
         (2) Textual makeover issue
         (3) Ideal School Issue
         (4) Nirmal school - Nirmal Gujarat issue
         (5) Project Bid Learning Issue
         (6) the teacher version of standard 1 and 2

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