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Ahmedabad district is named after its headquarters in Ahmedabad city. Mirat-Ahmadi states that Ahmedabad Shah, with the advice of Saint Sheikh Ahmed Khatu, the saint of his spiritual adviser, Ek. C On the 7th of February, the foundation stone of Ahmedabad was laid on the east side of the Sabarmati river and in the vast and open area adjacent to the old city Aswal and Karnavati.

The present Ahmedabad district is made up of a portion of the Anarta region between the Arbuda mountain and the Sabarmati river. It is also mentioned in the townships of Skad Purana and the sixth northern continent of Padma Purana. The inscription on the Ruddamમનn rock of Junagadh mentions this region as a region surrounded by the Sabarmati river.

Haft Eklim Author C It states that Ahmedabad is unrivaled throughout India in terms of purity and prosperity and is superior to other cities in terms of its beautiful monuments. It is not exaggerated to say that no such city exists in such a magnificent and beautiful city as a whole. Its streets are wider and nicer than other cities. Each of its beautifully constructed shops is two or three storeys wide. The inhabitants, both women and men, are discreet and delicate.

From the beginning of the Christian period to the present day, the people of Gujarat have shown the most mercantile traits and entrepreneurship of all the tribes of India. Prior to the beginning of the sixteenth century, the demand for silk, gold and silver, kinkab, jari and kasab embroidery and cotton cloth from Ahmedabad was in every east-facing markets, from Kairo to Peking.

During the period of Muzaffar III, there was chaos in the area of ​​Ilaka of Gujarat as independent sultanate ended. Akbar raided Gujarat and won it in the 5th. The prosperity of Ahmedabad during the Mughal rule was very weak after the death of Aurangzeb. The Suba or the Mughal nobles were busy fighting each other and the Marathas. As a result, mismanagement was prevalent in the country. During the Maratha rule in the eighteenth century, half of Gaikwad was divided for all purposes. The territory of the Peshwas was high. In Ahmedabad there was a representative from Gaikwad. But the Peshwas also employed their intelligence in the city. In the 5-year rule of the Marathas, the situation in Ahmedabad got worse and more mismanagement was created in the city. After the war and many conflicts between Peshawar and Gaikwad, the British took up the task. C Took Ahmedabad in 5th.

Ahmedabad History

Ahmedabad played an important role in the national independence movement. After returning from South Africa to the 5th, Mahatma Gandhi chose Ahmedabad for their settlement in India and established the Sabarmati Harijan Ashram, where it was oriented in different stages of the national movement.
Ahmedabad City - The heart of Gujarat
A thousand years ago, a rich town called Ashapalli - Ashaval existed. Ashawal was named after the king of Bhils named Asha. This town was a good city of emerging Gujarat like Patan and Khambhat and there were temples of Jains and Brahmins in Ashawal. Eventually, the town became an important place in terms of trade and military tactics. Ahmedabad, the son of Rajendra Raj Raj, father of Solanki dynasty, is easy to win the lot. The city sits on the brink of many foul memories today and is vowing to become the nation's leading city. It is not exaggerated to say that Ahmedabad's shipping was from its inception.

Not only in the city of Ahmedabad, but the voluntary, social organizations and institutions operating in Ahmedabad district have always given warmth to the people, with love and affection for human-made disaster or natural disaster. Besides the city and district one hundred fifty, voluntary organizations are engaged in service activities.

Ahmedabad city is the heart of the whole state of Gujarat. According to some facts of history e. C Ahmedabad was founded by the king of Ahmedabad in 7 th. Syed Syed's mesh engraving has become known worldwide for its work. Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Central Jail refreshes memoirs of freedom struggle. Organizations such as the Physical Research Laboratory, the Space Usage Center, and Atira have made their mark in the world by conducting numerous researches. Apart from this, Kankariya, Shah Alamraju, Karnamukteswar Mahadev, Bhadrakali mother's temple, Jhuttaminara, Sarkhej's Rojo, Hath Singh's Dehra, Kindergarten, Dadahari Vow are also spectacular.

President of India who gave India independence Ahmedabad City, which Gandhi Bapu chose for his ashram. Ahmedabad district is an important district of the state of Gujarat.

Gujarat got the status of an independent state on May 9, after the fight of Maharashtra through the bilingual Mumbai state. Our Ahmedabad became the first capital of Gujarat. Ahmedabad was at the forefront of making this fight a result.
Art and Culture
The pride of Ahmedabad is the garb, garb, folk dance, artistic residences, good practices, customs, practices and crafts of Gujarat are becoming a threat to the folk culture of Ahmedabad.

In Ahmedabad, different people came to live at different times, so Ahmedabad has become a confluence of different religions. The main religion in Ahmedabad is Hindu. In addition, Islam, Sikh, Parsi, Jain and Buddhism are also found in the life of the people. In addition, various sub-sects are also found.

Ahmedabad has achieved fame through the system of architecture and sculpture. Ahmedabad has also become a hub of foreign tourists and attractions.

Special style started from temple architecture. With the advent of the Mughals, the Indo-Saracenic style has influenced Ahmedabad's architecture.

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