How to prepare for the GSSSB CPT Test

How to prepare for the GSSSB CPT test, in this publication we will guide you on how to prepare for the preparation of the GSSSB CPT test. GSSSB performs the CPT test, which is known as the Computer Proficiency Test after successfully passing the written exam. We have provided some important tips to clear the GSSSB CPT test.

How to prepare for the GSSSB CPT Test

How to prepare for the GSSSB CPT Test

Based on the previous Computer Proficiency Test, we have prepared a study plan that led you to clear the final stage of the GSSSB Computer Proficiency Test.


  • Microsoft Word 2013
  • Microsoft Exel 2013 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Typing / Formatting (Gujarati, English)
  • Email with attachment

Questions based on Microsoft Word 2013

GSSSB will provide a hard copy of the question document with instructions, you must follow all instructions and do so in practice on the computer screen. For example instructions such as the following.

  • Make "COMPUTERS" in bold, italic and wave underline
  • Change fonts, Change font size
  • Provide bullets to the points.
  • Provide Drop Cap -> Deployed to the first paragraph
  • Provide a light green color to the word "COMPUTERS" on your page
  • Featured Word
  • Search and replace Word
  • Make tender announcement / announcement in the newspaper

Therefore, you must learn all the functions in Microsoft Word to get good Brands.

Questions based on Microsoft Excel 2013

  • Creation of salary sheets by formula.
  • Mark the sheets in Excel.
  • Excel product invoice
  • Formulas
  • All Excel functions

Questions based on Microsoft Power Point 2013

In this, you must prepare the Power Point presentation, you will be given instructions on printed paper, you must follow all the instructions and make Power Point presentation slides. (A maximum of 3-5 slides will be requested)

For example:

Slide: 1

Slide Type: -Title Only

Title: Gandhiji
Font size: -45
Font Color: Green
Design: -Contest
Set an image of Gandhiji from the folder

Email with attachment

In this you will be given an example of a paper email paragraph on paper questions, you must write it on the computer. The length of the words in the paragraph depends on the 50-point or 75-point type test.

  • Create email ID settings in Outlook
  • Attach the file in the email (PDF, photo or other file from the location of the local file that will be on paper)


At the test center, GSSSB will provide computers with an Indian input software installed on the computer that is useful for writing in Gujarati, so you should practice it at home.

Download this indica entry (Microsoft) from this link according to the requirements of your computer (32/64 bit) - Downlaod
GujaratiIndic Input3-User Guide - Downlaod

So folks, we have tried to clarify all your doubts regarding the GSSSB CPT Computer Proficiency Test, we hope it will be useful for all GSSSB exams. Good luck.
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