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Dear Students, In this article we are sharing an ICE Rajkot Jaher Vahivat pdf 2020 . ICE Rajkot Jaher Vahivat Book is the most popular & one of the best books for Competitive Govt Exams preparation. This book is most highly recommended by most of the Institutions for the preparation of all competitive govt exams. Jaher Vahivat pdf download link given at the end of the post.

Contents Of ICE Rajkot Jaher Vahivat Pdf 2020

  • Jaher Vahivat Ek Parichay
  • Jaher Vahivat Vikas
  • Navin Jaher Sanchalan
  • Snagthan
  • Nanakiy Vahivat
  • Tribunals
  • Loksahima mulki sevano falo
  • Mahitino adhikar
  • Nagarik adhikar patro
  • Sushasan ane eshasan

Key Features ICE Rajkot Jaher Vahivat Pdf 2020

Book Name ICE Rajkot Jaher Vahivat
Subject Jaher Vahivat
Format PDF
Size 2 MB
Author Maulik Gondhiya
Pages 90
Language Gujarati

The above given Jaher Vahivat book has been written by Maulik Gondhiya. Credit goes to ICE Rajkot for this awesome book which cover all the aspects and concepts of Public Administration. To be honest, most of the students have got success in their careers just by reading this book.

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